Life is like walking on a trail through the woods in the dark. There are many different paths you can choose (this is where free will comes in) but there may be paths that are easier (less resistance) than others. Since you’re in the dark, you really can’t see where you’re going, and you have to feel your way along. You know when you’ve strayed off the path when branches start hitting you in the face. You can either keep going – even though you’re stumbling and probably walking through spider webs – you’re still going to get somewhere, or you can make gradual changes and adjust your path until the going gets a bit easier and a bit easier. Life will send you little signs that your on the path of least resistance. Then you will possibly make it further in life, more comfortably.

Some people may stop walking, or simply wander aimlessly, abandoning the hope of even finding direction. Some people may run – rushing through and failing to feel their surroundings and make informed decisions about where they are going. It is important to remain calm, aware and sensitive using our gut and our minds to choose our path.

This is my analogy that I use to understand free will and destiny. I think both are possible.